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I walked along the road with two friends when the sun went down, the sky suddenly turned red blood. I stopped, I leaned dead tired to a palisade. On the black-blue fjord and on the city there was blood and tongues of fire. My friends kept walking and I was still trembling with fear... And I felt that a great endless scream pervaded nature"

Here's what Munch writes recalling an episode of  his life that inspired him in the realization of the Scream.

The work has managed to grasp the anguish and the absurdity in which we are catapulted in an iconic and unforgettable way.

From the beginning my choreographic research has had the tragedy as its engine, the smallness of man in the immensity of the universe.

The deaf cry of the painting - whose Norwegian title I decide to keep, which phonically brings back an unpleasant sound, a blast, a shock - seems to deform the landscape, giving us instability and fear, while preserving its immense beauty. Clinging to this dualism that I feel close to me, I would like to create a dancing moment that can be a breathless accumulation of all the discontent of recent years but at the same time, reach the audience’s eyes like a regenerative waterfall.

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