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"Samia" begins with a true story, the one of Samia Yusuf Omar, the young Somali athlete who died in the waters of Lampedusa while trying to reach Europe to qualify for the Olympics. A story told by Giuseppe Catozzella in the book "Don't Tell Me You're Afraid." My research started from this true story of a broken life and today will be delivered to the public through six bodies, all different from each other, because in our present, despite our fight for it, we are still not all equal. Yet we all keep on yearning. We run. With this work, I cannot rewrite a life I did not live. I can contribute to remembering Samia Yusuf Omar and those who, like her, struggle every day for their dream, not just as a victim. But as people who are committed to choosing who they want to become. During the rehearsals, I worked with the performers on our desires and the limits the world places on them to force the boundaries in and out of our bodies and try to pursue the freedom that self-determination gives. An achievement that, despite our privilege of looking at the sea, still remains a dream. It is still a utopia.

*The project won the call Rum för Dans.

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