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Deepening and studying the passionate and painful life of this amazing woman I

delved into what was called the "transformation of Callas". Thereof led to significant consequences on the scenic art that Maria brought to unimaginable heights.

Free and fluid in her movements, she redefined her creations in a choreographic sense, imposing a model of strongly expressionistic recitation, with nervous gestures. In Maria, singing and acting were something totally integrated, difficult to describe.

Her image, become an icon of style, and her way of using melodrama as a language through which she spoke to the world and told her sorrows, her fragility and  her strength will be the beating heart of my work, which wants to be a

tribute to this voice that changed the history of opera.

I want to stage, through six dancers, her being one with her singing

that has made her a true link with art, the elegant and iconic image of this woman

who never loved, gave love.

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