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The starting image is one of snow falling outside the window when you are a child. The feeling of comfort
that comes from the sense of protection and warmth inside, combined with the magic of contemplating the
whiteness outside.
Before beginning the work on the bodies in movement, Bolognino identified the expressive quality of the
creation in the costumes, involving a group of women in the project who gathered in a "Crochet Club"
during the pandemic. This ancient art served as an opportunity not only for collaboration, comfort and
connection for these women, but also an opportunity for renaissance after a moment of deep darkness.
It is said that crochet was born from the ability and imagination of a woman who, fascinated by the beauty
and perfection of the snowflakes, decided to reproduce their wonder with a simple hooked needle and a
cotton thread.
So do the dancers, craftsmen themselves, who with their bodies and movement give life to something new,
creative and original as a snowflake. Something unique and unrepeatable in its spontaneity.
Interweaving these elements and these suggestions, Bolognino wants the spectator to be invaded with a
sudden snowfall of bodies in movement, causing time to pause in a state of serene contemplation. This
choreography was composed as if it were a crochet work: an intricate yet sophisticated plot, a conscious
weaving that generates new forms.
"To me, that's what well-being is all about. Embracing a passion, sharing it. Mending a relationship with a
loved one. Discovering a new part of yourself and committing to nurturing it, sewing a new piece again and


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