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When I was a child, I used to move coloured pencils that I dressed in tutus made of confetti tulle.

This is how I created the bodies for my first choreographies. Since I began my path of studying dance, it has always been clear to me that transporting what moves in my mind into other bodies is what completes and excites me.

For as long as I remember, I always wanted to bring those pencils to life and, influenced by some cartoons, I was trying to create the energies to strengthen those inanimate creatures through a yellow soul, which could make my ideas shine and make them real.

I was already trying to unite body and soul. Only in this way the choreographic structure will be able to live from the inside, not being just a carcass,

it can find that yellow soul that I imagined as a child, unleash all its strength and unite with the form.

In 2018, on my debut as an author I had tried to stage 'Yellow' but had neither an idea of who I was artistically,

nor the means to do so. I promised myself, however, that when and if I had the opportunity to create for a corps de ballet, I would again give a chance

to this work that I have kept in the drawer until today.

I would like this creation to be a dancing moment that presents who I am as a choreographer and as a human being, a closure of what have been the adventures of my life to date, of what is my artistic research now but at the same time a new door towards the future that I hope will be ever brighter and richer,

of this yellow energy that has never ceased to accompany me.

Maybe it is because of those childhood memories, maybe it is because yellow is my mother's favourite colour, a woman radiant, my constant source of warmth and energy.

A dedication to the people I love, who dream with me and who make me who I am.

To Rosaria, my indefatigable muse. To my Mother, all this yellow is for you.


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