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The creation wants to deepen the emotional aspects of winter, investigating its transposition into the form of a state of mind,

inspired by the artwork "Return from the woods" by Giovanni Segantini.

The painting portrays an expansion of time which, slowing down and tensing, stages the fatigue and constancy

of the human being: a peasant woman drags a heavy sled in a desolate landscape surrounded by mountains that overlook

the crystalline snow. All the pictorial elements participate in the representation of a tension between the inherent
obstacles to the vital status and human strength which, in this context, takes on a supernatural character.

It is precisely this polarity that builds a bridge between Segantini's peasant universe and our contemporary.

The difficulties of life often give us this challenge in different forms, redesigning the contours of daily fears

and public display contexts, forcing us to live a long winter of the soul.

With this creation I will try to search the supernatural condition that reunites the physical strength necessary to drag a sled with the emotional

one we exercise every day in this present. In a snowy, desolate blanket, a flame lights up out of nowhere.

Even winter has its own colors, and in the frost and silence can be even more disruptive.

All enclosed in a pure white. We just have to rediscover them.

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