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“How much longer will you stay hidden behind a clay statue?”

Perfect casts that show the victims where they died.
From 79 A.D., so for the eternity.
Taking inspiration from the cast of "the lovers ", the creation wants to bring to light a love suddenly interrupted by the overbearing force of nature, but kept forever. 

Eternal it’s the hug in which the two lovers are found and at the same time locked up.
The cast has remained hidden from the public for years waiting to resolve any doubts about the identity of the two.
It was assumed they were a man and a woman, a mother and a son, two young men.
What is certain it’s that love has kept them together for over 2000 years, overcoming death.
Let leave to the imagination of the audience the dream of a absolute love.

Whoever they were. Visit them.

"The twenty-six year old Adriano Bolognino, already reported by us in other contexts, he
reconfirms himself as a promising choreographer. His finely chiseled "Gli Amanti" translates
in a visceral way the embrace between two figures of indefinite sex and from mosaic skin on
the background of the Pompeii eruption.”

Danza e Danza-Carmelo A. Zaparrata

"On stage Rosaria Di Maro and Giorgia Longo dance courtship, in a rite that at times recalls
that of animals that challenge each other in beauty. Like two young amphorae, the bodies
are reflected in each other, reflecting the desire for contact, for relationship. A dance made
up of angles and movements that bring us back, thanks also to the costumes and music, to a
fixed moment in time, until we find those close bodies, waiting together for the inevitable. "Gli
Amanti " become a hymn to love beyond genres and time. "
Krapp’s Last Post

"The beings dancing on the stage come from another era, perhaps that of Pompeii 2000
years ago, perhaps a future era, light years away. Indeed, the vision of these sinuous,
identical bodies from the skin turquoise and iridescent makes us think of two alien creatures,
who landed from a foreign planet to know this one new land. Their primitive communication
is purely corporeal, made up of moments of stasis, of soft gestures, interspersed with rapid,
decisive and simultaneous movements, with an oriental flavor. They study the space that
surrounds them, what is external and foreign, but also themselves, scrutinizing each other,

challenging each other in speed and mimesis. As in front of a mirror, they try to deceive their own reflection. "


Anghiari Dance Hub
Coreografia e concetto Adriano Bolognino
Danzano Rosaria Di Maro, Giorgia Longo
Musiche Akira Rabelais

selected by

Anghiari Dance Hub 2019

Aerowaves 2021


"A show already in circulation that has made known the creative flair of the young choreographer from Campania,

“Gli Amanti” is inspired by the found Pompeian casts buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, which portray two bodies entwined in a deadly embrace. Between the two dancers. - whose design of the costumes refers to the pieces of amosaic - an empathy flows made of magnetic gazes, of physicality and intangibility, of enderness and fear. Sensations and feelings are expressed with an abstract figuration assumed by the postures of the two performers, and they seem to spring from a long repressed underground energy. We imagine them awakening after a very long hibernation, looking for each other and coming together to unite. the other, between fury and moments of suspension, disjointed mouths and entanglements, until reaching the final embrace.

Bolognino, develops its own clear and rigorous gestural richness, a proliferation of frenetic, convulsive movements, of fluid intertwining within a quick calligraphy, like brushstrokes that the two bodies draw on the white canvas

of the empty space. And the score by Akira Rabelais adds solemnity to a timeless love story. "

Exibart, Giuseppe Di Stefano

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