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The title Your body is a battleground refers to the positive/negative image created and disseminated by Barbara Kruger for the women’s march on Washington in 1989, a demonstration demanding women’s rights to self-determination over their bodies, reproductive and abortion rights in the United States.

The piece seeks to delve into our individual consciences and into the social awareness of roles today.
Who decides what a woman must do or not do?
Who decides what she must be or not be?

What is the feminine ideal today? What are a woman’s models?

Biennale Danza 2020


choreography and concept Adriano Bolognino

Dancer Rosaria Di Maro

Scenography Andrea Bolognino

Music Moderat, Jon Hopkins 

"The young Adriano Bolognino, on the other hand, is the protagonist of a fulminating
choreographic story, "Your Body is a Battleground", a title that brings to mind the famous
poster silkscreened in 1989 by the conceptual feminist artist Barbara Kruger, always at the
forefront of the battles for rights. Bolognino for his opera broadens the message to all bodies
in order to investigate the conscience of the individual in relation to social models. Those
that are imposed by power. Of course it is the female condition that remains the object. The
woman according to Bolognino "has always been a symbol of fertility and seduction, is certainly the most subject to exploitation. "In the choreographic creation Bolognino
represents well the game of opposites and the clash between different feelings. Clash
perceived also and above all physically as a melee, respecting the intentions of the title.
Almost a scream of revolt against those who want to impose behavior, assign roles and
decide what one should be. A message of freedom and a young choreographer to keep an
eye on. "


selected by


L'Italia dei Visionari 2021,  Kilowatt Festival

Campania Teatro Festival

Danzattack Tenerife

"Rosaria Di Maro enters on stage wrapped in a covering of bodies sewn together, made by
Andrea Bolognino, and once freed she shows herself as an amazing Amazon with her breasts covered by a sticker that is a memento for every woman: Your body is a battleground. Fair, and to the rhythm of punches, she hits and collects; flexes, yields, collapses, reacts. "

Valentina V. Mancini

“On stage, the exciting performer wears the deformation imposed by society: on his own
body the faces of others, the skin of others, the opinions of others, their guts, their moods
and, little by little, even the scars of battles won and lost for self-determination. Giving birth
to oneself is an extremely painful but necessary act on the road to emancipation not only of
gender, but also of culture, and Bolognino, with his choreographic research, makes the
gesture a disruptive language, which cuts, it pierces and breaks the tight meshes of
imposition, releasing an unbridled energy, overflowing once freed from the suffocating limits
of conformity.”

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