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"Everything works wonderfully, you can only admire so much scenic intelligence, interpretative care and compositional knowledge."

"Between speed, pauses, slowness and rhythmicity, and that scream of the mouths just mentioned, Bolognino seems to have emotionally traced the event to reach that silent cry in which you can identify."

"The choreographic sign of Adriano Bolognino has traits of modernity and intimacy. Lucid and wary, his gaze rests gently on the world, in balance between the frenzy of time and the stillness of thought, as in waiting for the most exact moment for breath and action."

"Bolognino has been able to create a sacred space-time. The scenic space is intelligently used by dancing figures that often create evocative and statuary images, broken by moments of synchrony or individual capable of giving soul and life to the death underlying the whole work."

"There are many attempts to assimilate these two figures to those of a mnestic repertoire without being able to exhaust the complexity of a new, unpublished, enigmatic, fascinating figurativeness."

"Bolognino creates depth in the nude scene dilating the presences in space, grouping them in unison movements."

"Finely chiseled his "The Lovers" translates in a visceral way the embrace between two figures of indefinite sex and mosaic skin on the background of the eruption of Pompeii."

GLI AMANTI | Danza&Danza 

"in a ritual that sometimes reminds that of animals that challenge each other in beauty, "Lovers" become a hymn to love beyond genres and time."

GLI AMANTI | Krapp's last post

"Bolognino, develops his own distinct and rigorous gestural richness."

GLI AMANTI | Exibart

"Fierce, and to the beat of fists, she strikes and collects; she flexes, gives in, collapses, reacts."

YBIAB | Valentina M.

"Bolognino, with his choreographic research, makes the gesture a disruptive language, that cuts, perforates."

Your body is a battleground
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